Awesome Unity Resources to Get You Started



Hey everyone!

As I’m diving deep into Unity in 2021, I figured I would share some awesome resources to get you started. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and it may not be the best for you. I am a professional software developer, and for other reasons, I have become familiar with C# again. As such, the programming fundamentals aren’t major for me, I’m more interested in the tools and workflow.

Learning for Free

First things first, you can’t go wrong with Unity’s learning resources. As you work with Unity, you’ll spend time looking at classes and components from the docs as well.

One of the most popular YouTube channels for Unity content is Brackeys. He has a lot of great content, and I highly recommend checking out his channel. When you’re making a game, you’ll probably search for a how-to video with Unity and it’ll probably be there. However, Brackeys team no longer makes Unity content, so some of it may be outdated at this time.

But don’t worry! Samyam’s YouTube channel is much more up-to-date, with just as much quality! I expect her to blow up as time goes on, right now she’s the secret gem of Unity tutorials.

I use these a lot when I went to quickly learn a particular mechanic in Unity. I also buy courses to get a more guided learning path!

Paid Content

I like’s content. They’re very beginner-friendly (if you’re a programmer like me you’ll probably breeze through the early bits) but they’re very thorough - if you make it through till the end. They’re my go-to resource for game dev because they update their content often and have a great community to go with it. However, the best thing about these courses is that they teach you how to fish, and not just give it to you. With you learn a methodology for game development and the tool you’re using. You don’t need to complete the entire course to put things together yourself.

For Unity, here are 2 introductory courses I’ve been making my way through:

Progress has been steady, I’m looking forward to finishing the 2D in a couple of months and the 3D later. They also made a new course specific to mobile development that looks interesting:

I think with this list you got more than enough to kick start your journey.

Happy Unity developing!

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