Cuadrado's Trials, an Overdue Recap


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Way back in May I participated in a Game Jam. It was run by people who created my Godot course on Udemy. While I made lots of progress in that course, I felt that there was still a lot more content to cover before I could make a game that I like. Starting the game jam over a week late, I figure I’d stick with Phaser which I’m pretty comfortable with!

Cuadrado’s Trials is a short platformer you can play in your browser with your keyboard. You can play it here: Time permitting I would have added a lot more dynamic components to it. But it was cool to see something from start to finish, and it seemed to be enjoyable to quite a few people. Some found it hard, I found it too easy haha.

I wrote my devlog on, here are the links:

  • Thinking up Cuadrado’s Trials - here you’ll see my early iteration and the fairly drastic improvements made at the start of this journey.
  • Platforms for a platformer - a lot of time was spent wrapping my head around movement. Moving tiles and jumping had to feel right.
  • Jam Submission! - my postmortem! The community was really supportive and gave lots of feedback. I was pretty happy with it.

So far this is the largest game I’ve made, at least outside a tutorial. I started using Aseprite and it’s by far the best pixel art editor I’ve used. All in all, I had loads of fun and there’s been a lot more Phaser projects + game dev since. They will be blogged about on another day :-D

Happy game developing!

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